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Toks Aruoture

Toks Aruoture

I am so thrilled you stopped by!

Mum of four,  wife of one and a small business owner to name just three of my many roles- we ladies wear quite a few hats, right?

I used to think success was a destination you arrive at- for instance, “when I start my business…”, “when I get married…”, e.t.c. Now I know for sure that success is defined by the road traveled; how you travel, what happens on that road, what you learn and how you use your new knowledge towards fulfilling your purpose on earth. On that journey, there are twists and turns, and in each corner you find precious gems or lessons. Many of the most-powerful lessons I have learned on mine have been in relation to business. I will share some of those lessons and more here on the blog.

I also wear a writer’s hat (or should that be I hold a writer’s pen?) I am creative and delight in anything that stimulates the mind- music, good books, great food, nature and writing. Writing reveals things about me that I won’t even admit to myself, it helps me to unwind and I learn more about the ‘real Toks’ each time I write. This year, 2014 I have been on an exciting journey of self-discovery ever since adopting a buzz word for my life; authenticity. I am enjoying the freedom that comes from being myself and embracing the person God made me to be.

My other blog shamelessly chronicles my crazy-fun life, please stop by at www.pawpawandmango.com.