Past Events

Brunch: A Word for your Business

22nd November 2014

Save the date! Details coming up.



Brunch: Let me Tell you a Story

26 July 2014



Toks Aruoture & Alice Okuyiga

Have you ever settled down to read with anticipation a tell-all business story, only to end up with the usual success stories; the one where ‘doors simply opened’ or ‘…overnight, I became a millionaire.’?

As it turns out, people prefer to tell the rock star version, the one where you walk away with your enthusiasm deflated and you wonder why your business story sounds like a joke compared to theirs.
The truth is that there is no success without pain or failure. And the place of failure is where you learn the hardest but the most-useful lessons.

At the brunch, you will have the opportunity to hear Toks’s business story and lessons learned, no holds barred! We are also lucky to have Alice Okuyiga, a branding and marketing consultant joining us and she will share some trade secrets into getting noticed properly in the marketplace. You will be inspired, meet some good folks and leave very well fed.

Let’s chat over brunch at The Bromley Court Hotel!

The cost includes a delicious full English Breakfast or a lighter alternative along with a few hours of relaxing and chatting.


Brunch: let’s Talk about our Health

28 Sept 2013


Speaker: Akunna Okinikan 

Akunna is a Health Writer and Speaker. Her articles have appeared in ‘Slimmer’, ‘Slimming’ and ‘Green Events’ magazines. She has worked in the Natural Health industry for over 10 years and has developed relationships with Complementary and Natural Health industry specialists such as Margie Finchell and Natalie Savona.

Akunna has also been integral in introducing masticating ‘slow grinding’ juicing machines to the mainstream market and in many stores including Selfridges, Brown Thomas and Lakeland.

Her passion is to educate men and women on simple natural eating as a lifestyle to prevent and tackle disease.


Brunch: Succeeding in a Knowledge Economy

11 May 2013



Speaker: David Okorodudu

David Okorodudu is a Theologian, educator, life coach and professional speaker and is the Founder and President of Wisdom House.

He conducts seminars, workshops and conferences globally on practical and biblical principles for kingdom living.

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the seemingly excessive amount of information that is at our fingertips? Perhaps you amass the information with no idea when or if it will ever be used.

Succeeding in a Knowledge Economy is an enriching brunch seminar with a message that teaches on living in the ”knowledge age”.

This interactive brunch event (open to both men and women) promises to be a fulfilling and relaxing one, held at the beautiful Bromley Court Hotel and includes a delicious breakfast buffet.

One to one personal coaching.