05 Dec

Do the Needful

Do the needful is an Indian-English phrase which means as it suggests, do that which needs to be done to get the result that is required.

I heard the phrase recently on a TV show and it stuck in my head. This week, I haven’t been doing much TV watching but I’ve been thinking about reaching my goals. I know what my goals are, I have the ingredients needed to start, yet I find myself moored at the harbour, refusing to set sail. I’ve been docked for weeks now, staring at the goal I know I can achieve.

When Solomon prayed for wisdom, God gave him wealth and long life as well. God liked that he did not ask for what most kings would have. Often when we pray, we pray for what we think is the needful. Truth is, the flesh wants what it sees. The soul wants what it feels and the spirit wants what it needs.

If Solomon had prayed for wealth- what he could see and touch- he would probably have got just that. If he prayed for safety from his enemies- what his soul feared- he would have had years of reigning in peace. Instead, his spirit which was one with God knew what the needful was. He needed wisdom. He ignored the yearning of the flesh and the longing of the soul and delved deep into his spirit to pray for the needful. How often have we prayed for the obvious or made emotional pleas? What we need isn’t always determined by what we can see or feel.

A few years ago I was in a situation I didn’t know how to get out of. I remember being so anxious and downright fed up. One morning I lay on the carpet and cried out to God. Not the ‘God help me,’ prayer, but the ‘God, why me?’ prayer. At the time I was an interiors writer for a newly-launched platform and my monthly article was overdue. God told me to go write the article, which I thought was ridiculous under the circumstances. “But God,” I asked him, “have you ignored the fact that I’m a creative being, and I need peace of mind and mental space to come up with decent content?” But I felt pulled to my laptop and went ahead to write. I needed to learn to function in the midst of chaos. When hell breaks loose around you, you don’t have to fall apart.

I wrote a beautiful article which surprised even me. Fast forward a few weeks and I received an email from a couple who wanted my design services for a major commission. They had been to other better established interior designers who had submitted proposals, yet they offered me the job without a proposal, without even a consultation all because they read my article and were convinced I could deliver what they wanted, and I did.

Why must we listen to our spirit?

1) There is no confidence in the flesh

2) Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. Do not be afraid or discouraged (don’t allow your emotions to lead or overwhelm you)

3) In our spirit is power, love and soundness of mind.

Let us learn to do that which we truly need, trusting fully in the leading of the Holy Spirit regardless of the noise going on around us.

This week I have been doing the needful by using these tips:

1) Get your praise on throughout the day. This ensures that God remains the highest authority in your life.

2). Ask yourself regularly, why am I doing this? Am I trying to alleviate a discomfort in my soul or satisfy the craving of my flesh?

3) Cut down the noise. The amount of information we read, the conversations we have and the physical clutter that surrounds us stimulates the body and the soul and drowns out the voice of your spirit which is one with God.

I pray for strength for you to do that which is needed as you say no to passing

Distractions this week. ❤️

Don’t rush off, share your thoughts!

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09 Nov

Business Lesson: Transfering Personal Values into Business

There she was again, appearing in the papers. This time it was because she was newly pregnant with child #5 or #6, for husband or man #3 or #4. The previous time was for her drug-related activities and the time before that was her financial tragedy. To put it simply, she made the news and the media loved to hate her.

In my line of work, failing to keep abreast with celebrity goings-on is a cardinal sin. A scandal like this makes prime social media material and the ones in the know will experience a surge in their clout scores. I was about to join in and retweet this salacious bit of gossip and the Lord said “Don’t do it. Don’t let your business, or yourself be tainted with even a hint of negativity. You were created to spread good news and not bad. Don’t slam that celebrity because her latest escapade has set twitter ablaze. Oh, and let your conversation be seasoned with salt so you may bless the hearers.”

I confess I was disappointed, how else was I to engage with my customers and come off looking like I rubbed shoulders with the editors of Hello! and OK magazines? I have since had several opportunities to engage in negative drivel. Some, I’m ashamed to say, I accepted and some I turned down. The result is that my personal values are slowly being transferred to the business, and if my personal values are drawn from the scriptures, then God is becoming more present in my business!

We’d love to read your lessons in life or business, please feel free to share.

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23 Oct

Lessons in Business: Stay in your Lane

I thought it would be a great idea to share lessons I have learned in my business life over the years. I’ll keep it short and sweet- promise!

This morning on my way out, I picked up a flyer that had been shoved through my letterbox. It had the word ‘kebab’ next to a plate of succulent, come-get-me meats. I flipped it over and on the other side was an equally appetising meat combo Pizza, offered by the same establishment.

Immediately I was reminded of the first business lesson I learned years ago. It was given to me by my business attorney, George. I had absolutely no business experience and I was going through the process of finding and purchasing a business. The plan, of course, was to run it like a guru and take over the planet. I had looked at a number of weird and wonderful businesses before happening on a dry cleaners’ shop in the city we wanted to move to. It all seemed attractive. The cash flow was kosher and I pictured myself waking up at 10am since I’d have staff who would do the ‘real’ work. Yes, I hear you. Poor, clueless girl.

George told me that the Koreans were masters of the dry cleaning industry in the state of Georgia, and it was unlikely anyone would take their expensive Armani suit to a non-Korean dry cleaner. That revelation meant I had to dig deep to find out what I could fit into and ultimately become an expert in.

Would you go to a kebab shop to buy pizza, or will you choose Pizza Hut or Papa John’s?

The lesson: leave the experts to do what they do best.

Leave the experts to do what they do best and be the expert in your field.
In other words, stay in your own lane!

I’d love to hear your life or business lessons too, please share in the comments box.
Thank you!

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