Why Brunch?

brunchMan shall not live by bread alone..

Some time ago I decided to get a few of my friends together in my house for brunch. The plan was to feed our souls while we nourished our bodies. A friend suggested I do it ‘properly’ and by properly I thought she meant get a real chef, one who would serve perfectly round eggs next to evenly browned sausages and sauteed English wild mushrooms, but what she really meant was to make it an event that extended beyond my small circle of friends in my little London home.

So I did. I booked a hotel near me, threw out the invitation and we had about 40 people turn up to eat good food and listen to some wisdom for life,  eloquently delivered by a gifted speaker, who is also a friend of mine.

At the end of brunch, I was asked one question more than a few times. ‘When is the next one?’

It made sense to hit the repeat button with an equally nourishing topic, again with like minded people educating ourselves in a relaxing, fun, child-free environment. We do this every 4 months, each topic is different yet wholesome and enriching on so many levels.

Next I decided to combine my love of good food, great company and writing by starting this blog, which will serve I hope, as a place to be fed. My aim is to serve wholesome food for our soul and my prayer is that you leave feeling inspired to become more like Christ, every time you visit.

Brunch is open to anyone who wants to nourish the soul while feeding the body, sign up to join my mailing list and be alerted when we have the next date.



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